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'Sedia 2001' Folding Armchair

02 Sep 2003

"The 2001 chair, like the 1993 chair, gets its name from the year of its birth. As with wine, there are good years and bad ones. Some produce fine vintage chairs, other ugly ones: we didn't even show the 2000 chair. This may sound like a humurous approach, but actually it hides the rich promise that other chairs will come in the future. The 2001, too, is a folding chair. Because being foldable makes it more practical and functional, whilst also facilitating storage and transport. Foldability is a richer subject of design that has helped us look deeper into two aspects: the mechanism and the upholstery. The mechanism is solved by the arm, which besides being a comfortable armrest, also acts as a cam to create a very compact closure despite its size. Usually folding chairs are stiff, whereas I was interested in the idea of a folding chair with a soft form. For the upholstering I tried to combine the naturalness of wood with an equally natural, elegant and modern material. I chose leather. This is not used as a fabric, but is glued straight onto the wood and cut flush to it, as if the leather were the top layer in a thick slice of plywood. This produces a very different effect to that of traditional leather upholstery, because the wood and leather are fused into one."
Michele De Lucchi
W 58 cm - D 61 cm - H 82 cm

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Michele De Lucchi
18 Sep 2015

Michele De Lucchi studied in Padua and later at the University of Florence, graduating in 1975. He designed furniture for Studio Alchimia and in the 80's for Memphis.