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Mono Tools Cutlery

15 Mar 2018
Mono Tools Cutlery -  -

With unconventional ideas such as the “stone age” flatware mono-tools/zeug, Michael Schneider keeps surprising the design scene.

The satin finished cutlery set is based on a primordial pattern andis dedicated to the Neanderthal whose remains were found very close to the mono factory in Germany.

The hand ax inspired the knife, the elongated fork is reminiscent of early skewing tools, and the spoon recalls a cupping hand.

The chunky and curvilinear shapes of this cutlery set are so unique that no other cutlery gives the tabletop impact and ergonomic comfort of Zeug.

This is how eating becomes a primal experience.

Michael Schneider founded designschneider in Cologne and moved to Berlin in May 2009.

Designschneider is dedicated to product, furniture and exhibition design as well as trend research.

Designschneider has an international client base and is committed to designing new products which are unique, beautiful and functional.

1962: Born in the south of Germany

1984 - 89: Studying the basics of product design under Richard Sapper, famous for designing IBM ThinkPad, at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

1993: Establishing his own design office, “designschneider”, in Cologne

2009: Moving the office to Berlin

2013: Being a judge for Hong Kong Design Awards

2015: Being a judge for FURNEX Awards (Egypt’s international furniture trade fair)

History of awards: Interior Innovation Award, iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, Good Design Award, etc.