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Sealed in Time Chair

09 Jun 2017
Sealed in Time Chair - <span class="node-unpublished">Rossana Orlandi</span> -

Product's informations:

- From: Hongjie Yang

- Unique piece

- Made of : acrylic and wood

- L: 61 cm

- W: 47 cm

- h: 83.5 cm

- h seating: 47 cm

Work & Style:

All throughout China, traditional wooden architecture is being destroyed at an alarming rate. The influence of globalisation, driven by Western ideology, has left an indelible imprint on Chinese culture and shifted its values away from the authenticity of the past. Honglie wanted to create some singular design objects composed of fragments salvaged from ancient structures, reflects and offers insight into these evolving values, acting as a commentary on China’s diminishing relationship with its heritage. The design embraces the scarcity of the material and conveys the beauty of these one-of-a-kind antique pieces, offering a vision of a new aesthetics, one informed by the past but reconstructed to reflect contemporary values. Each chair’s worth is heightened by its uniqueness, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. The design asks whether traditional Chinese values, most importantly authenticity, can still be appreciated in this age of metamorphosis.


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