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Carl-Arne Breger

Product design
07 Dec 2016

Trained between 1943 and 1948 as a decoration painter and model maker at Stockholm's Konstfack (crafts school) he started as a scene and bill board painter for Svensk Filmindustri. His design career started when in 1953 he joined Stig Lindberg at Gustavsberg. Although he and his wife Bibi became a forceful duo in decoration designs he soon grew unhappy with it and moved within Gustavsberg to the sanitary division. For Gustavsberg he designed sanitary and some remarkable plastic products. Based on his Gustavsberg reputation he soon became head of the Stockholm office of Bernadotte & Bjorn, but in 1959 he started his own ambitious design consultancy with office in both Stockholm and Malmö. Breger design became one of the most prolific design offices in Northern Europe. Thousands of products have been designed by Carl Arne Breger and his staff. The activities of Breger Design covers a wide variety of product categories, from innovative packaging like the 'Flora' box and 'Bigpack', to LM Ericssons Diavox phone and 'Cobra', from the child seat for bikes, 'Rex' to Gustavsberg's watering can. All of this made him well known in Scandinavia as 'Mister Plastic'. His Wife Bibi Breger-Rösell is a talented interior and textile designer and has worked together with Carl Arne Breger on several projects. Five of his classics made it into the New York Museum of Modern Art's design collection. He is one of those designers that emerged in the fifties and sixties that served the industry exceptionally well by being both technically innovative and completely in tune with the expectations of the users. KDW

1923 - Trelleborg

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