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08 Nov 2018

Enric Mestre, born 1936 lives and works in Valencia Spain. Mestre is recognized worldwide and won many international awards and has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions around the world. His sculptural objects seem sober spatial constructions: boxlike, slab built architectural structures of austere colours dominated by right angles. But appearances are deceptive: these objects have a poetic charm which saves them from only being rational and cold. The eye of the beholder detects small projections, subtle displacements and slants which, together with the immediate effect of the material, counteract the angularity of the slabs which compose these quiet and well balanced constructions of strict geometrical order. Though these objects are often carefully planned and developed, Eric Mestre with his works insists on intuition – as if obeying a kind of constructive poetics restraining and controlling personal expressions without eliminating them.

1936 - Valencia

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