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Ettore Sottsass

Product design
02 Jan 2008
Ettore Sottsass

A major figure of Italian design, Sottsass studied architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin and worked with a group of architects before opening his own studio in Milan in 1947. He participated in postwar reconstruction and interior and exhibition design. In 1956, he worked in George [Nelson]'s studio in New York and created anti-design furniture for Poltronova. In 1958, he started collaborating with Olivetti ("Praxis" and "Valentine" typewriters and "Systema 45" office system). In the early sixties, he returned very ill from a trip in the East and began a series of ceramics. In the seventies, he founded "Global Tools" with Andrea [Branzi], Gaetano [Pesce] and Alessandro [Mendini] among others. He also collaborated intensively with [Alessi]. In 1980, he founded "Sottsass Associati" with Aldo Cibic, Matteo [Thun] and Marco [Zanini]. And one year later he initiated "[Memphis]", a group of international designers, which he left in 1985. He then concentrated mostly on architecture.

1917 - Innsbruck (A)

Sottsass Associati E.E.I.G.
Via Melone, 2
20121 Milano IT

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