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Nicolas Brevers

Product design
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20 Nov 2018
Nicolas Brevers

Through his creations, Nicolas Brevers delivers his vision of the design: a playful kinetic art which results from research on the aestheticism, the harmony and the balance. This lover of figures and perfected proportions cheek with the timeless laws of the geometry crowned to dress the space of its atomic forms. Forms in the pure, light and contemporary lines which evoke the essence of the natural elements. They testify of a new language where the rational and functional dialogue with the emotional to create a hypnotic and soothing universe appropriate to the designer.


Nicolas Brevers is fascinated by "organic mathematics", these correspondences which we find in the nature and who are used by the man since millenniums. They confer on his artistic creations of the virtues harmonisantes and energizing just like the feng shui or still like the golden section, the key of its work. The designer draws it infinite sources of inspiration, guided by his permanent research on the harmony of the individual and his environment.

Since his youngest age, he is also passionate about the modular origamis and, following the example of his masters, scientists such as Ron Resh and Richard Buckminster Fuller, he juggles with the geometrical forms. He modulates them, assembles them, disrupts them and his creations take life. Inspired also by the discoveries of Snelson and the principle of tensigrity or still, in a more obvious way, by the technique of the GOBO, the bright projection of forms.


Gobo light
Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39
1180 Bruxelles BE

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