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Rossana Orlandi

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09 Jun 2017
Rossana Orlandi

Rossana's a former fashion designer icon who grew up in the countryside outside of Milan, she has unofficially presided over the city's design scene for the last 15 years, fuelled by her singular alchemy of personality and talent. Her kingdom is a sprawling former tie factory which she uses with just as many purposes: it's an office, a sophisticated contemporary design gallery, a jumbled shop for bric-a-brac, and a must-see showcase during the Salone del Mobile, when the international design cognoscenti descend on her headquarters like a congregation.

Before, she worked as a fashion designer but now, she switched her late life career and became a furniture designer. Orlandi's gallery, which has become an international stage for young, unknown designers, is part ramshackle and part enchanted forest, welcomes hundreds of guests.


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