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21 Oct 2015

I need to be schooled in the use of 'Union Made' when you are buying something other than a shirt, dress or blouse...during mid century.

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30 Oct 2015

Gropius, no need for apologies- you're awesome!

23 Oct 2015

I've learned to take nothing for granted and to assume everything has merit until proven otherwise.

22 Oct 2015

I'm guessing the Velcro wasn't an original design detail. I bet neither was the cushion.

22 Oct 2015

That's a pretty chair but is there something going on with the seat or is that just the photograph?

22 Oct 2015

Gropius!! Did you just use me and my union made question as an opportunity to trash American design?

21 Oct 2015

I saw this post last night and if I'm going to be honest I have to admit that I found your chair very disturbing in a

19 Oct 2015

I also had a delightful exchange with Mr Stendig.

Charles Stendig is a very elegant and gracious man.

10 Oct 2015

I'm a novice at furniture design but I've spent the last three decades studying antique to vintage jewelry design.

08 Oct 2015

Thank you for the pictures. I've also not seen the kangaroo chair before.