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Opening soon: - A beginners guide by a beginner

05 Oct 2007

by Anne Robert

After the rise of wide spread Eco consciousness, it seems the next wave to hit us is 'Urban farming' i.e: food-producing activities at home, be it edible gardens, livestock or aquaculture.
The aims include: increasing self reliance, combating the ever increasing number of food miles we use to feed ourselves and ... renew our sense of connexion to the earth.

This is a big leap for the true urbanites... When I set out to explore what was out there , I was reading about skyscraper green acres and new sci fi techniques. It struck me that many ideas are just too ambitious for the mass of us socialising /clubbing /office working urbanites who feel for instance that radically giving up all design ambitions a bit too steep a challenge!

I would like to let you know that I am creating a blog to help those who are perhaps less thoroughbred Eco warriors ;-)  but who do want to change. It is focused on the baby step approach adoptable by the very urban types.
My focus is how to jump on the band wagon in style when possible.
And good news is out there too: designers are starting to invade the field. You can check out a few of my first finds at

Call for submissions:

I'd love to hear about new products designers are thinking about or have developed to help in this field:

- new water harvesting objects ?
- new containers to grow vegetables ?
- new harvesting/storing devices?
- new tools ?
- new technologies (for example hydroponic cupboards) ?


- have real life examples of growing plots/urban farms that have incorporated a design twist

 Love to hear from you : contact me via mail at

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