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Kwangho Lee, designer from Korea

Kwangho Lee, designer from Korea
08 Jan 2008

I would like to introduce you to the work of Kwangho Lee young designer from Seoul, Korea. He works on various design projects under the concept of “Ordinary objects can become something else”.

In his work, he talks about two things.
One is about the search for possible changes and new meanings in the most ordinary objects of our daily lives. He believes that many of them have boundless capabilities of transforming into something else. The project “OROBS (Ordinary objects can become something else)” is somewhat a moto of his work and many comes from his childhood experiences and you’ll find the most ordinary things which you are so familiar with. By little (or it may be big) transformations they make, the objects gain new meanings with only one purpose/function.
Second is to express the symphony of design and craft. His projects never encounter machinery process. Therefore only small quantities are ‘crafted’ out of his hands.

Weave your lighting
The biggest inspiration of this lighting is his mother’s knitting hobbies during his childhood. Her knitted sweaters and gloves reminds him of the good days of his childhood. He saw the neat pile of electric wires as yarns and soon decided to knit (weave) his own. Other than knitting with needles, he developed a new way of weaving the rubber but solid wires into long, scarf-like or brush-like form of lightings. They are weaved by one long wire which varies in length—from 10 to 300 meters.

Zip (rice straw stool)
The remains after the harvesting season in farms are large bundles of rice straw. It used to be his favorite playground. These rice straws are something very familiar to Koreans although you don’t reside in farms. He made a bundle and wrapped them with belts that are normally used to stabilize boxes or furniture etc (ex: when moving out), cut the top off into a stool. He called this ‘zip’ because rice straws are called zip in Korean which also sounds like the English word ‘zip’ and the rice straws are literally zipped (compressed) into a bundle.

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