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The Kevi chair has found a new home

21 Jan 2008

Engelbrechts Furniture has just taken over the production and distribution of the internationally renowned Kevi chair and stool series, created by the Danish designer Jørgen Rasmussen.
This chair first became a popular office chair in the 1970s, elegantly meeting the demands of busy working environments and ergonomic design. As a result, hundred thousands of Kevi chairs have since been sold all over the world.

Their popularity was partly the result of their timeless design, but also Jørgen Rasmussen's invention of the Kevi wheel in 1965. This innovation meant that the chairs could move freely and easily. Jørgen Rasmussen received much recognition and many awards for this invention. Many believe that there is still no better wheel for chairs than the Kevi wheel.

Today the chair series is a design icon.

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