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Bicycle design competition winner

Bicycle design competition winner
28 Jan 2009

Last October, we had posted about a bike design competition, the “commuter bike for the masses” competition. We wanted to let you know that the winner has been announced.

Torkel Dohmer’s 'This Way' concept has been chosen as the winning entry.

'This Way' by Torkel Dohmers: A pedal powered comfortable bicycle with weather protection.


I have made an emphasis on automotive qualities in the design, to attract non-previous cyclists used to cars and motorcycles.

Another selling point to attract more people riding a bike (especially here in Europe) is weather protection - the bike has a roof!

Built in composite materials (carbon or flax fibre) and hydro-formed aluminium, this vehicle is very lightweight (approximate 11-12kg). Has built-in LED lights front and rear powered by a rechargeable battery that gets its power from solar cells on roof. The bike has a built-in belt drive. Riding position is lower than a traditional bike to keep a low centre of gravity and for optimal aerodynamics.

In the rear of frame is a 'luggage connector', where the user plugs-in his/her e g attaché bag. The design also benefits of flexibility and comfort for riders of different sizes, as the crankset and seat is adjustable in length/height.

Although this design is more expensive to manufacture compared to its traditional rivals, it is still just a fraction of the buying price of cars and zero in running costs...


Torkel Dohmers will receive a Cannondale Bad Boy 700 as a reward.

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