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60 seconds with Gary Hustwit

60 seconds with Gary Hustwit
07 May 2009
DA just posted their newest “60 Seconds” Q&A.  This time
they sit down with Gary Hustwit, director of “Objectified.”  The film
explores our relationships with manufactured items, everything from
cars to a potato peeler, and the designers behind them.  Plus, Hustwit
tells us his favorite design items. 

Q: Helvetica traced the history of a typeface, and in Objectified you examine industrial design—a category that includes things as disparate as potato peelers and sports cars. Is it tough to make movies with such seemingly uncinematic topics?

A: My films are about asking audiences questions, not about finding answers or teaching. You can do proper documentary films and get people off death row—or you can ask questions. I focused on design, but everything is designed. Part of the reason for making a film about stuff is to make people think about that stuff. It tells a story—where we came from, where we're going, the issues that are facing us as a culture.

Q: How is our relationship to objects changing?

A: It's funny: I just moved, and I spread out all of my stuff beforehand. Most of the things I have are media —books, records, DVDs. I asked myself, 'Why am I carrying this stuff around? This could easily fit on a JumpDrive.' There's no need to have a physical object for them anymore.

Read More and make sure you check out the trailer for the movie - it’s really beautiful.

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