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Can you imagine the city skyline of tomorrow?

Can you imagine the city skyline of tomorrow?
05 Jun 2009


Designboost has explored the personal viewpoint of sustainable cities of some of
the worlds most acknowledged designers. To find out Designboost went to
Milan Design Week and made a MiniBoost.

The MiniBoost resulted in thirteen unique interviews. The seven first interviews are released and include personalities like Ilse Crawford, Tom Dixon, Konstantin Grcic, Arik Levy, Ross Lovegrove, Katrin Olina and Satyendra Pakhale.

The questions asked look at sustainable cities from a holistic point of view and touch among other subjects sustainability according to cultural life, emotional amplification and the personal stories of the inhabitants. The questions are written by different Boosters at the DesignBoost 2008 key event 'Long Live the City' in Malmö, Sweden. One may say that the MiniBoost is like a relay race with questions as batons passed on to new Boosters.

Listen to what Ilse, Tom, Konstantin, Arik, Ross, Katrin and Satyendra have to say about it.

Arik Levy at Miniboost Milan
Satyendra Pakhale at Miniboost Milan Konstantin Grcic at Miniboost Milan
Katrin Olina at Miniboost Milan Ilse Crawford at Miniboost Milan
Tom Dixon at Miniboost Milan Ross Lovegrove at Miniboost Milan

Next week Designboost will release six more interviews from the Milan Design Week MiniBoost including Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Kristina Dryza, Richard Hutten, James Irvine, Tim Power and Patricia Urquiola.

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