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Green Patriot Poster Book

Green Patriot Poster Book
23 Sep 2010

This book brings together contemporary graphic design promoting sustainability and the fight against climate change.

Essays look back in time to posters and ideas that set the stage for the current movement (World War Two posters, images of international cooperation, posters from the environmental movement in the 1960s and 1970s) and address the state of the poster: what is the efficacy and mode of distribution for purposeful, message-oriented graphic images today?

The bulk of the book is given over to a compilation of the best posters on the theme of sustainability by a variety of contemporary artists (both emerging and established), among them Shepard Fairey, Vier5, DJ Spooky, James Victore and Geoff McFetridge. These posters, which have a strong graphic presence and which never rest on the tired slogans of the past ('Save the Earth,' etc.), show that graphic design does not passively respond to the zeitgeist--it helps shape it.

The book, which is sustainably printed in the U.S., reproduces 50 of these posters as tear-outs. Also included is a section on action, with documentation of designs at work in the world: on buses, billboards, protesters' placards, graffiti, t-shirts and so on. This movement is about a new form of patriotism, one that exhibits pride of place, but not fear of others.
Book for sale on Amazon: Green Patriot Posters - Images for a New Activism
Edited by Edward Morris, Dmitri Siegel.
Text by Michael Bierut, Thomas L. Friedman, Steven Heller
Edward Morris, Dmitri Siegel (Metropolis Books)

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