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Ivy Shelf System

Ivy Shelf System
17 Feb 2011





Thomas Bernstrand received the Form+1 Award for his bookshelf Ivy for Swedese at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Ivy is a stackable shelf system. The shelves can be stacked in three different ways, straight up, left or right. Stacked to the left it will lean left, stacked to the right it will lean right. When alternated it will level out.

This year the jury for the Form+1 Award was the German design duo Osko + Deichman, with the following motivation for the prize: 'Ivy is a smart and surprising product. The fact that it can lean is not only visually playful, but also a functional bonus. It is the user who decides what sort of expression the shelf has. Ivy can be put together straight, conventionally, or totally crazily'.

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