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Tower of Nests

Tower of Nests
18 Mar 2011

'Tower of Nests' was the project presented by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture for Evolo Skyscraper Competition. KKA presented a vision of a tower where humans and animals coexist. A building that aims to be a symbol; not of power nor wealth, but of a new era of harmony and interplay between nature and mankind.

Creating habitats for animals that have been driven out of their natural environments as a result of development. Creating vertical density within the city to reduce sprawl and commuting distances.

The development trend of contemporary metropolises is to increase the population density. This leads to developing cities vertically instead of horizontally. Although increasing the population per unit area of the city may reduce the daily commutes, it reduces the daily interaction of people with green spaces, animals and insects. This creates a gray, dull city and may increase stress and depression among the inhabitants. Moreover, the diversity of animals and insects will be reduced significantly. On the other hand, building parks, as a suitable place for animals, may not be economically feasible due to the land price. In the era of Green Architecture, where building sustainable is becoming commonplace, what if the collection of green buildings could go a step further and actually become a functional habitat for birds and wildlife?

To address all of these issues, we developed a new high-rise typology which is essentially integrating human and animal inhabitants in high-rise buildings. The design further elaborates a combination of rational, man-made apartments and natural, organic-formed bird nests on the facade of a skyscraper. Birds and insects are nature's premier architects, using a disarranged form to build functional homes in which to live, reproduce and care for their young ones. Recycling sticks, branches, grass and mud to construct their shelters, they are undoubtedly the first creators of Green Architecture.

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