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Hello Wood 2014

Hello Wood 2014
21 Oct 2014

Hello Wood is an international art program and community for architects, designers and artists.

Their mostly known event is the one week art camp held every summer in the plains of Csórompuszta, Hungary, where all the participants gain their unique professional experience and access real intellectual contents, by working and creating together.

A large part of Hello Wood’s mission is to provide opportunity to architect students to try theory in real life. Hello Wood’s philosophy is that the camp is an alternative, new way of studying which completes the traditional university education systems with important content.

'Mochi' by Pep Tornabell / CODA (ES)

'Accordion' by Elias Lindhoff (SE/DK) and Sebastian Mardi (SE/DK)

'Cornwalk' by Ákos Juhász (HU) and Dániel Eke (HU)

'Tumbleweed' by Csaba Hatvany (HU)

'Spikefort' by Oliver Sales (UK) and Bence Pap (AU)

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