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Sea Me: a rug made of sea algae

Sea Me: a rug made of sea algae
03 Nov 2014

During the Dutch Design Week Studio Nienke Hoogvliet presented her new project: 'Sea Me'.

A rug made of sea algae yarn, knotted by hand in an old fishing net. Capturing the contrast between the polluting plastic waste issues and the beautiful things the sea has to offer.
Nienke Hoogvliet wanted to draw attention to this rather new material. A yarn made of sea algae could perhaps offer a solution for the sustainability issues in the textile industry.
Sea algae grow much faster and need less nutrients then cotton for example. She would like to do more research to increase the usage of this material in the industry.
To capture the duality, she used an old fishing net as the base for the rug. In this way the waste can be reused and has an aesthetic and practical use.
Photographs by Femke Poort

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