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Family residence in the mountains - Chevalier Morales Arch.

Family residence in the mountains - Chevalier Morales Arch.
13 Jan 2015

Located outside the village of Sutton, in Quebec’s eastern townships, Roy Lawrence residence is set on a site impregnated with the legacy of the Schweiser, a Swiss immigrant family that came to settle in the thirties in this vast hilly land. Located mountainside, the site offers a spectacular view of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

The Swiss Chalet served as conceptual reference to the development of the house. The composition of three traditional parts of the Swiss chalet consists of a sturdy stone base, a solid-wood frame and a strong protective roof. The reinterpretation of the traditional elements implemented here consists of a stack of three long and simple strata: a solid concrete base anchored to a rocky ground, a beam frame allowing a very wide opening on the landscape and a large protective roof projecting itself into an important cantilever over the garage entrance.

The organization of the interior builds on simple geographical orientation principles and relies mainly on natural lighting control, prevailing wind management and panoramic views. On the north east, a wooden wall runs along the path and leads the visitor to the entrance hidden in the center of the residence. This longitudinal access participates to the discovery and entry processes, carefully orchestrated in order to slowly discover the exceptional qualities of the site.

Chevalier Morales Architectes' approach takes into account the quality of the landscape and aims to create a responsible and appropriate insertion of the project in its natural context. The house is low and outspread, simple forms and materials in natural colors are inspired by the same coloration of the site. The residence appears to emerge naturally from the ground and was constructed with materials found on site.

© Chevalier Morales Architectes 

Source: V2com

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