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The Bouroullec 'Kaari' collection for Artek

The Bouroullec 'Kaari' collection for Artek
05 Feb 2015
We know that we often dedicate blog posts to the Bouroullec brothers. But hey, you see, these guys are good ...
To approach this new collection designed for Artek, the best would be to read what they say:
"From the beginning we had the idea to make a collection in link with the Artek tradition but from our contemporary stance.
We continued our exploration around the combination of materials and created Kaari, a novel construction system resulting of a hybridization of solid wood and steel bands.
The principle is extremely simple : the vertical load is supported by a wooden part and a bent steel band embraces the contours of this solid wooden piece.
The steel band draws a kind of wing bracket-angle that supports the ensemble and creates a linear and rhythmic silhouette.
The system, originally conceived for table legs, is declined to construct wall-mounted tables and shelves and can support a wide variety of different tops : small and large, round and rectangular, low and high. »
Trust me, this new collection will be an immediate classic for the famous Finnish brand and for long!

©Studio Bouroullec

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