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Navigating on wood - BeoSound Moment

Navigating on wood - BeoSound Moment
19 Mar 2015

We are not so much interested in hi-tech goodies here. But we love music and B&O is a company that has produced for decades audio systems that have become great design classics. So we always keep an eye on their new creations.

One of the most recent is the BeoSound Moment which includes a detachable and double-sided interface for two different listening experiences, intelligent PatternPlay that adapts to the user listening patterns and the intuitive MoodWheel that activates an automatically generated playlist defined by finger’s position on the wheel.

One side is an aluminium interface with a touch screen for engaging interaction.

The wooden side is designed to access in one-touch the sound experience that fits your daily rhythm. The panel of touch-sensitive oak allows you to have your favourite tunes flowing from your speakers with just one touch on the wooden wheel.

Seems cool, but is it practical to have to turn around this Doubled-sided panel? What do you think?

Photographer: Philip Karlberg Photography

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