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'Groundfridge' Root Cellar

'Groundfridge' Root Cellar
22 May 2015
A root cellar is not a new concept for preserving fruits and vegetables produced in the garden during the best seasons to enjoy them all winter long. Throughout history, men have used the constant ground temperature of more or less 10° C to extend the shelf life of foods without any energy cost.
Whether a simple hole in the ground filled with sand, an old fridge buried in the ground or more advanced micro-architectures, there are infinite variations of root cellars.
As the most popular post of our blog is "Save food from the refrigerator", we thought you might also be interested in the latest creation of Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek for his company Weltevree.
It's the "Groundfridge", a polyester root cellar with integrated staircase of a capacity of 3000 liters. It can contain up to 500kg of food. Nice and more practical than most homemade root cellars, but reserved to gardeners with deep pockets. The price of the "Groundfridge" is € 10,300 and will be available from September 2015.

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