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To Bee or not to Be

To Bee or not to Be
11 Jun 2015
To Bee or not to Be is a project on the importance of bees’ and their protection.
CTRLZAK was inititally asked by GREEN ISLAND initiative to design an urban beehive, but after an extensive research on the subject it was obvious that such an object was not the first priority. 
Instead emphasis was placed on communicating to the world the important role bees play in our everyday life. This realisation gave birth to two graphic artworks that present the bees’ life cycle, their habitat and above all the role they play on pollination and eventually our own survival on planet Earth. 
Inside this context a toolkit was also designed that contained an informative booklet on the world of bees, a selection of seeds from their favourite flowers and a wooden sling that promotes seed planting in a playful/guerilla mode (by launching soil pellets rich in seeds). 
Once emptied the wooden box can also be hanged on a tree and serve as a rudimental beehive. 
A symbolic project/call to action to help bees survival that promotes a few simple gestures: avoid the use of chemical pesticides and plant more and diverse flowers. Because as A. Einstein put it: “If the bees disappear from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live”.


Ah, I love the idea of this. In the French and Swiss Alps, above 1200 meters or so, we still have plenty of bees and our farmers make lots of delicious honey. But below that altitude, where the wildflowers are not so plentiful, the bees are few and far between. They should make this kit in a version that is appealing to 9-12 year old boys. My grandson would take that slingshot and do some serious work!

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