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Søbel turns outdated radios into high-end connected furniture

Søbel turns outdated radios into high-end connected furniture
06 Nov 2015
Most vintage design lovers came across, one day or another, one of those nice audio furniture manufactured mostly in the 50s and 60s. It is very rare that they are still functional and, if it's the case, the technical equipment and the sound quality no longer correspond to our current listening habits.
But from now on Søbel, a new project created by Digizik, a company specialized in music-marketing, proposes to reequip these pieces of furniture by respecting their original appearance or by customizing them like the example shown below. Søbel team propose to help you find the ideal piece of furniture you want and update it for you, or they can up-cycle furniture you already possess. 
To showcase the Søbel concept, they have created “Ella” inspired by the great Ella Fitzgerald. “Ella” is a cross between the refined aesthetic of a warm 1960s atmosphere and modern audio quality. 
Here are Ella's technical specifications: 
* Grundig furniture repainted “Piano black”
* Amplifier NAD D 7050 
* Speakers B&W 685 
* Felt and leather interior 
* Embedded usb and audio plugs
* Wired and wireless network connections, Apple Airplay & DLNA media streaming, aptX Bluetooth music streaming and Spotify connect.
We had the opportunity to test "Ella" and the least we can say is that this audio material associated with the wood structure of the furniture produces a sound that makes us want to get a glass of wine, take a good book and launch our best jazz playlist.
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Photos © Maureen Raway


Great stuff! Your articles are an example for us... and really like this project too. So I reckon the sound quality is as good as you would expect from nowadays Hi-Fi, right?

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