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MÁS concrete collection

MÁS concrete collection
08 Aug 2016

David Galvañ and Manuel Bañó, designers and founders of LaSelva design studio have developed a concrete accessories collection for a Mexican company called Más

Radial vase is divided in two materials, a heavy base in concrete and a light top in metal. The metal piece can be extracted from the concrete so the user can fill it up with water and then put it back to the base that acts as a counterweight.

The Flota trays form a game of poka- yoke as each piece fits only with its base. Both the concrete pieces and the wooden pieces are independent.
Modularity is the base of Candela candle holders. Candela works as an individual piece and as a set. Inspired directly by the work of the architect Félix Candela in its forms and materiality.

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