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TAO Rockview Tea House

TAO Rockview Tea House
22 Aug 2016
TAO (Trace Architecture Office), one of the most active contemporary architectural firms in China, has built the Rockview Tea House.
Located in an abandoned quarry at Tashan Park, the natural landscape park in Weihai is open to the public for free.
Heavy in appearance, the building in fact is constructed with steel; because it is difficult to transport heavy materials to the site, light and precast structures are more suitable for this project. The specially designed shallow base also reflects the intention of reducing the impact on the trees and surrounding environment. By using rusted steel plates and stones as the primary materials, a sense of time is created via the brown rust on the steel plates, which corresponds to the brownish red rock that has experienced years of wind erosion at the site. The wall stones were obtained from local quarries. These quarry stones from site cleaning and base excavation respond to the surrounding environment in a natural, undecorated way. Moreover, the choosing of materials such as wooden doors and stone pavements also stresses their natural quality, so as to integrate the building with the natural environment at the site.

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