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Super Bo - Give me a 'Break'

Super Bo - Give me a 'Break'
26 Sep 2016

Super Bo is a design studio and company producing contemporary objects suggesting a different way of living. The brand’s objects are produced in Belgium melding both contemporary and traditional techniques. Break is a numbered serie of furniture for rest and contemplation. The object is simply placed on a fabric canvas. This rectangular fabric defines its surrounding, giving it strength and space, it also brings contrast by opposing the softness of virgin wool to hard concrete shapes, and it allows to glide the object on the floor easily. This singular combination of form and materials act as a relaxing place and a concrete bookmark. Super Bo offers also a luxurious and limited editions of Break. After being divided, the several parts of Break are put back together using different specific materials.

Break is available in various colours of concrete and Camira fabrics.

Break Special Limited Edition

Break Special (detail)

design: Boris Paternostre

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Break is exhibited during "Design September" from 8 to 30th September 2016 at ugc gallery, 13 rue de Stassart 1050 Brussels


As for me, this accommodation can not be called cozy. This will be reflected in customers tired of the abundance of information and city noise. This same can be considered an unfinished house. But it should be noted, if there is such a proposal in the market means there are also customers. Perhaps, some non-ordinary personalities consider this design to be in step with the times. At me, it is possible to tell, almost in same style of an attic. Interesting wrought iron stairs as this site is suitable?

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