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Mark Braun Table Mortar for Hem

Mark Braun Table Mortar for Hem
14 Feb 2017

The distinct shape of this table mortar is inspired by archetypical millstones. It is both, a closable container for spices and a grinder. Manufactured from marble, the product stands for longevity and quality. With its sculptural appearance it does not need to be hidden in cupboards – it is an everyday product designed as a useful tool for your kitchen and a beautiful vessel for your dining table.

“I like the idea of combining a real kitchen tool with a decorative accent on the dining table. Usually the mortar is left in the kitchen. Now, pepper, sea salt and other spices can be ground at the table in Table Mortar – perfect for those who enjoy freshly ground spices with their food” says Mark Braun.

Designed by Mark Braun
Produced by Hem
Photo credits: Hem

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