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21 Jun 2018

An example of minimalist design.

Japanese studio YOY proposes simple and very innovative design creations.

POSTER is a series of a wall lamp like a A2-sized poster.

Two cuts are made in the paper to form the curved lamp shape, and a small LED light is fitted inside.

The light illuminates the paper from behind, while the cuts allow light to peek out.

The quotidian nature of the material allows ample opportunity for various customizations, including patterns and colors that can be printed directly on to the paper.

It can be fixed to a wall easily with tape or pins like a poster.

Category : Wall lamp
Material : Paper, LED
Dimensions : W420 H590 D120 mm
Year : 2015


Simple and innovative if well done can be very elegant as well :) As some of the light you can find on our site, where we always try to follow the latest trends. This one in the photo here has the advantage of being functional :) EUROOO supports you.

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