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O P P I ®, a new toy brand that combines design and education

O P P I ®, a new toy brand that combines design and education
17 Sep 2018

O P P I ®, a new toy brand that combines design and education, launches PIKS, a balance toy that stimulates attention and concentra- tion! The very rst toys are nally available on!

Do you think as of today children spend too much time on screens, have dif culties to stay focused and don’t use their creativity enough?

All we have to do is giving them the possibility to train their brain while having fun... It’s the bet O P P I ® made, a new toy brand that combines design and education, which is launching its rst toy collection : PIKS. It’s a funny balancing toy, with multiple combination, which improves (among others) children’s concentration and creativity, while being design and colorful. Piks has been inspired by researches and alternative solutions to concentration disorder. It reveals the creator and the maker that is in each of us!

PIKS: the new balancing toy with in nite possibilities

The aim of the game is simple: Piks is a balancing toy, which offers countless possibilities of combination! The goal is to create the most impressive and the most original structure, by placing silicon cones and woo- den boards and being careful that nothing collapse. Example cards are available to guide children making towers, buildings, animals, characters,... as well as let- ting them freedom to express their imagination!

The middle box contains 33 silicon cones and 11 woo- den boards. By placing the cones and plates on top of each other, the rubber holds the wood in place, allowing for a myriad of construction possibilities: ver- tical, horizontal, twisted, combined, you name it!

Piks: a toy that combines creativity and education

The creation of Piks has been inspired by educational bene ts of the game, linked to atten- tion de cit hyperactivity disorder.

Children are free to express their imagination, but there are many other assets: the game also stimu- lates attention, decision-making and skills development. Each cone is created in the aim of challenging the construction balance while ha- ving fun, which encourage children to test new assemblies. They turn into real artists and they are highly focused without even realizing!

The game is available:

• From Oct. 14 on

Age: 3 to 10 years old

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