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design classic düsseldorf *

design classic düsseldorf *
12 Nov 2018

design classic duesseldorf is THE annual German Fair for Modern Design Classics – with its 20th return beginning of December 2018 presenting more than 150 dealers over 5000 square metres.

Visitors from USA, South Korea, Brazil, Japan and nearly all European countries meet in Duesseldorf every time, the design event takes place. Indian summer on the Rhine combined with some great finds – more and more visitors have already made a tradition out of it. They combine their design trip to Paris/France, Amsterdam/Netherlands or Antwerp + Brussels / Belgium with their visit to Duesseldorf – and they are delighted! At the design classic duesseldorf, they find all the important European Design Galleries as exhibitors – and even more, a talk with the young new gallerists and co- collectors who act as one-time sellers is always appreciated!

Classic interior design pieces, furniture designed by architects, glass, ceramics, collector’s silver jewelry, modernism, Bauhaus, Memphis, Post-Modernism, mid-century – the programme is manifold, due to the variety of offering galleries + private collectors. What they think the visitor + design addict could love + wish to own – they bring it! From Bauhaus via Scandinavian and American Mid-century to Memphis – several hours are needed to cover the entire design classic duesseldorf , a concentrated event that starts on late Saturday afternoon for the sellers (4 pm) and opens on Sunday morning for the public.

design classic düsseldorf 2018on Sunday, December 2, 2018 * 11-18 h * preview Sat. 16-21h (special conditions)

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