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Four Danish Taek 'Eva' Chairs by Niels Koefoed

Four Danish Taek &#039;Eva&#039; Chairs by Niels Koefoed - <span class="node-unpublished">Niels Koefoed*</span> - <span class="node-unpublished">Koefoeds Hornslet</span>
Four Eva Chairs, designed in the 1960's by Niels Koefoed, manufactured in Denmark by Koefoeds Hornslet. These chairs belong to the most beautiful models designed by Koefoed. Because of the high back rests they are very comfortable.
The chairs are made of laminated teak wood. The seats are covered with the original woolen fabric. The condition of all chairs is good.

The dimensions: W 50 x D 46 x H 95 cm, SH 45 cm
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