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Gunnar Daan Dutch children's high chair, 1970s

Gunnar Daan Dutch children&#039;s high chair, 1970s - <span class="node-unpublished">Gunnar Daan</span> - <span class="node-unpublished">Gunnar Daan</span>
A children's high chair designed by the Dutch architect Gunnar Daan. The chair was originally designed for his own children and was later put into production by Metz & Co.
This particular chair was made as a special commission for friends of his by Gunnar Daan himself. They wanted the variation similar to one he made for his own children that was never put into production without the foot rest at the front. It has some minor re-colouring in places and has been well used.
67cm High
Base - 47.5 diameter

Note: This item is currently in storage in The Netherlands. Delivery possible.
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