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Ochre Dark Yellow 1960s Herman Miller Eames RAR Rocking Arm Chairs

Ochre Dark Yellow 1960s Herman Miller Eames RAR Rocking Arm Chairs - Charles Eames, Ray Eames - Herman Miller


An excellent find. This all original vintage dark ochre Eames RAR arm chair for Herman Miller is fantastic on its light wood RAR base with silver frame. This early Herman Miller dark ochre shell is a perfect example of the moment they extended the range of colours available. The popularity of the shells called for further colours to be added relatively quickly and this helped maintain their popularity. From this point upholstered options were offered, further increasing the diversity and versatility of the shells.

Individual Characteristics

As an all original vintage chair this is in great condition. The shell does not have any dents or cracks in it and has retained its rich colour whilst the base is in good strong condition with only natural signs of age present.

This shell is a very early Summit Plastics shell. With the Summit Prime stamp along with the double triangle, this was in the transition period when Herman Miller was expanding/changing its factories used to produce the shells.



Country of origin
United States
Current location of the item
United Kingdom
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