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Luminous Column by Jean Perzel (1892-1986)

Luminous Column by Jean Perzel (1892-1986) - Jean Perzel -


A "N° 966" luminous column with white lacquered metal structure and opaline top by Jean Perzel (1892-1986). Very good vintage condition.

Jean Perzel was born to Bruck, in Bavaria (Germany), on May 2nd, 1892. In 1923, at the age of just 31, Jean Perzel specialized in the study of modern interior lighting and established his own company. He would locate both his showroom and workshop in the rue de la cité universitaire in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. In 1925, motivated by a desire to intensify light, Jean Perzel made all of his pieces from glass. He designed his creations himself in a permanent search for elegance and purity in all forms. Each work highlighted the architecture of the place that inspired its creation. The company still existe today.

Colonne étagère lumineuse modèle "N° 966", avec structure en métal laqué blanc et trois tablettes éclairées. Cylindre supérieur en opaline blanche. Éditée par Jean Perzel (1892-1986). Cette colonne est d’une grande présence décorative. Très bon état vintage.

Circa :1960

Dim: W: 8,3 in - D: 9,8in - H: 74in.

Dim: L:21cm, P:25cm, H:188cm.



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