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De Sede DS 101 Sofa, Armchair & Ottoman / Pouffe DS101 Vintage

De Sede DS 101 Sofa, Armchair & Ottoman / Pouffe DS101 Vintage -  - De Sede
Is it just me, or has nearly every piece of De Sede made a cameo appearance in a James Bond movie ? Not sure what that implies, but after handling a number of De Sede items over the years, what I do know is, they’re always generous, with an air of quiet confidence. This is fine, easy design who’s presence tends to inflate like a balloon each time you enter the room. Plush, inviting. Now with additional personality in the charm and character of age, this De Sede suite, is the room.

Condition: Quality item, displaying the honesty of a relaxed former lifestyle within the right home. In as found condition, we’ve done nothing to it, other than check it over and insure all reclining mechanisms function. The piece quietly matured alongside it's owners.

There’s the full range of colour graduation about the three pieces. Darker and original looking in corners, to bleached, dry and discoloured in high traffic exposed areas. Age related blotchy patchiness seen, with areas of spotting all about the leather, in all areas (see photos). A variety of scrapes and scratches seen, no rips or splits. Armchair maybe a touch more distressed. The pouffe appears to have been a little more exposed to sun than the rest (see photos).

The set has been enjoyed and used, not abused. Has a warm, cosy, plush & inviting feel. It presents itself with options for both dealer and private alike. Enjoy as is, full of honest charm or, a general cleaning and leather balm to maybe relax the distressing, or with patience and for the more knowledgeably fastidious, the process of leather fixative before reconditioning with balm.

Sofa - H: 71cm W: 260cm D: 86cm (Dismantles in part for transport)
Single Armchair - H:71cm W: 110cm D: 86cm
Pouffe - H: 36cm W: 71cm D: 68cm

Priced as a set.£ 1895 GBP
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