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Brass and Metal 'Aurora' Light Sculpture by Otello Ciullini

Brass and Metal &#039;Aurora&#039; Light Sculpture by Otello Ciullini - <span class="node-unpublished">Otello Ciullini</span> - <span class="node-unpublished">Studio EF</span>


Brass and metal 'Aurora' light sculpture from the series 'Hit Proposals' ; produced between 1974-1975. This series was conceived and produced by Studio EF, Viareggio, Italy. The brushed metal disc mounted on a lacquered wooden panel is covered in brass metal rods which are arranged in an outward circular pattern, creating an impressive 3d effect physically and visually of scattered light emitted from the centre to the surrounding walls. it is signed on the right corner and labelled on the back with the authentication of the gallery and studio of the artist. This work is quite rare and has a wonderful quality both when the light is turned on as well as off.

85 cmHx60 cmWx25 cmD



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