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Paolo Buffa

Two Mahogany wood armchairs with backrest "chopsticks". Manufactured by MARELLI & COLICO, Cantu, 1946. Height 100 cm, width 58.5, depth 52.5. Literature: Domus 226 (January-February 1948), p. 57, Roberto Aloi, The modern fourth series, Hoepli, Milan, 1949, pl. 298, Roberto Aloi, Examples of Modern Furniture worldwide chairs armchairs sofa, Hoepli, Milan, 1950, pl. 128, Paolo Buffa designer, heirs of Angelo Marelli, Cantu, 1993, p 13; Roberto Rizzi, furniture by Paolo Buffa, Gallery of Design and Interior Design, Cantu, 2001, p. 21, 50.
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