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Famous Belgian designers: furniture

- 27 Feb 2010 -
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Hi all,

i want to know which Belgian designers of furniture (vintage and recent) are known (famous) in other countries --> Europe, UK, USA...

Thnx a lot.

DL from ... Belgium!


- 28 Feb 2010

Emiel Veranneman, Willy Van...
Emiel Veranneman, Willy Van der Meeren, Pieter De Bruyn, Jos de Mey...

It happens there is an exposition right now in the Designmuseum of Ghent: The Scandinavian Touch in Belgian Furniture. They present belgian furniture designs next to scandinavian examples.
One of them is a dining set by the belgian firm V-form, designed by Oswald Vermaercke. The influence of arne vodder is vere apparant.
I'm very curious about the expo, maybe I'll see it tomorow.
I have the same set by V-form, as on show:

- 28 Feb 2010

Please let us not forget Maarten Van Severen.

From the older generation: Henry Van De and Horta.
More known as art-nouveau architects but they were also furniture designers.

Gaston Eysselinck designed some nice tubular furniture.
I also like Christophe Gevers and Jos Devriendt.

- 28 Feb 2010

that's a beautiful cabinet.

- 01 Mar 2010


It's going to...

It's going to someone else now, but I felt privileged when I found this one.

Indeed Maarten van Severen, lets not forget.

Rudy Verelst is also a name wich was known back in the days (sixties, seventies), lost recognition and is now searched for. He designed tubular and chrome furniture for a company called Novalux.

For the moment I'm discovering the very varied work of Hendrickx. He's a somewhat bigger name with more international reknown. His designs evolved from rather detailed and fashionable (fifties) to very sleek, with a strong focus on the wood (sixties).
I've got two of these pieces, from his sixties period with the Belform company.
Belgium had quite a busy production of furniture in the fifties, sixties and seventies.

- 01 Mar 2010

Let's not forget architects Bataille & Ibens. They have designed some great furniture for Spectrum, Bulo, ... and more stuff (now for When Objects Work)

- 01 Mar 2010

I was thinking of them while...
I was thinking of them while typing the post.
Really like their early works.
I thought the early designs came from Claire Bataille specific.

- 05 Mar 2010

If anyone...
is looking for information on Rudy Verelst's furniture for Novalux, please let me know. We were neighbours for many years and still good friends.

- 05 Mar 2010

Really Koen?!
Back in my...

Really Koen?!
Back in my early youth there was a charity dinner where my parents took me and my brother to every year. This was al very informal (stew or 'moules') and was held in the cafeteria of a big local company. This was a building known to be one of the first open plan offices in the country.
The lounge area was filled with 'basket' chairs by Verelst and I remember every year being fascinated with these chairs..
Are there any images to be found about the novalux company, old catalogs perhaps? Did Rudy design for other companies to?

How are you by the way, Koen? All well on the western front?

- 05 Mar 2010

I think I have some pictures.
I am abroad now. I'll try to put them on flickr next week.

- 06 Mar 2010

I see him on the 18th...
...and I will ask him for Novalux catalogues. Before becoming an industrial designer he studied interior design and divided his professional time between teaching, interior design and product design. I will ask him if he designed for other furniture companies, but he never mentioned any other ones. I had er best bij willen zijn...bij die mosselen bedoel ik!

- 06 Mar 2010

:-) ja, was een gezellige...
:-) ja, was een gezellige boel.

- 08 Mar 2010

Thanks erik, the images look...
Thanks erik, the images look really stark, I like that.
His furniture is often placed within a 'retro' kitsch context wich doesn't at all do justice to the designs.

- 11 Mar 2010

Christophe Gevers and Lucien...
Christophe Gevers and Lucien Engels should also be included in this list. Gevers' TBA chair is a great achievement.

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