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Help... Staved walnut, aluminum base massive table

- 09 Mar 2010 -
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This is 5' long, 3'2" wide and 16" tall. I don't think staved is actually the right word to describe the top as the walnut pieces are around 1/2" thick, so they are more like tiles. I picked this up in Sacramento CA., I figure location might be relevant with a piece like this. Any information, or observations would be appreciated. I'm new to this forum so I don't know if it's inappropriate to ask questions about something I wont be keeping. I live in a small apt.and It takes up my entire living room.



- 09 Mar 2010

I have no info on the...
I have no info on the table....but I believe you call the top "end grain". I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong

- 09 Mar 2010

I would call it end-grain.
Staved would be more like a wine keg or barrel.
The base is handsome.

- 09 Mar 2010

I recall they had many pieces with that base,but I can be wrong.

- 09 Mar 2010

the base is very well made and could be integrated with a new top that is not so pieced together, shoot, or just take the top off and screw the base to a wall or ceiling as sculpture.

- 09 Mar 2010

Sorry, I cannot help you...
Sorry, I cannot help you with identification, but you have got one very lovely table there ! I'd try to keep it if it was mine..

As for terminology, same as rockland and jesgord, I have read "end grain" in descriptions of similar tables. As a matter of fact, one of Belgium's nicest furniture designers, Jules Wabbes (Mobilier Univers), also made coffee tables with metal feet and end grain table tops (see link below to the Wright auction for instance). They look a bit different from yours though -and they are slightly higher quality. All I am saying : the pattern on the table top is lovely (yes, there is some wear to it, but the overall look is still wonderful). Don't listen to seamod, both base and table top of your coffee table are great and desirable.

Great catch ! :o)

- 10 Mar 2010

I wish I could keep it, But it would leave me with a two foot walkway through my living room.

- 10 Mar 2010

not sure why this would be labeled as walnut. The end-grain wood is almost certainly Douglas fir; it is certainly not walnut. The frame might or might not be walnut. . .

- 14 Mar 2010

Thank you
I just wanted to thank everyone for the help both with terminology and identifying the wood. It is much appreciated.

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