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The last thing you didn't acquire

- 02 May 2011 -
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Has this been done already?

I'll start but I'm sure there are many stories sadder than mine.

I'm a graduate student in a university town and yesterday was moving out day for most of the school. I was walking home through the student ghetto and as I traversed the blocks of broken IKEA furniture, well-used mattresses, and assorted garbage (tsk tsk) I happened upon a lovely teak dresser with nicely sculpted handles and short tapered legs (rare here). It looked Danish but I didn't investigate. I've been lusting after just such a piece for some time but I have absolutely nowhere to put it here (I live in residence) and absolutely no way to transport it home to join my other meagre pieces.

OK, now, you: go ahead and complain.


- 03 May 2011

Well, I just missed a set of...
Well, I just missed a set of eight Hans Wegner CH30 chairs with teak seats for $150 obo. I was the second caller... There's someone in this city that's lightning fast!

A few months back I missed a complete Hans Olsen dining set for $40. Same story.

The list goes on.

- 03 May 2011

Early Florence Knoll 3 seater sofa
Off white fabric, in stellar condition. $1000 OBO.

I cried.

- 03 May 2011

2 Zenith Eames yellow shell...
2 Zenith Eames yellow shell armchairs with the "X" base for $20 at a street sale. I saw the chairs from almost a block away and sprinted to the house. As I arrived out of breath someone was handing them the cash for the chairs. I offered $100 to the buyer on the spot but they declined.

- 03 May 2011

I guess it would have to be a...
I guess it would have to be a teak platform bed with floating nightstands for $875, though it was hardly a close miss since I saw it on the Apartment Therapy Scavenger a day later. It still stung, though.

- 03 May 2011

An egg chair for $125 (in...
An egg chair for $125 (in need of restoration).

An Eames rosewood ottoman for $175 (yesterday).

A knoll credenza for $250.

I forget the name/designer of that Baughman-esque sofa with the wood sides and back on Mad Men, but I missed the sofa and chair set for $375.

- 04 May 2011

oxford chair
12 arne jacobsen oxford chairs in black leather £800

- 06 May 2011

A PAIR of Florence Knoll armchairs for $100. Where's the rat poison?

- 06 May 2011

My heart is hurting an no one...
My heart is hurting an no one cares.

- 06 May 2011

That's awful, Whitespike --...
That's awful, Whitespike -- what happened?

- 06 May 2011

if it makes you feel better
I bought 2 matched one's for $48?


That probably doesn't make you feel better.


- 06 May 2011

I didn't call soon enough on ...
I didn't call soon enough on CL.

- 07 May 2011

Holy grail.
I missed out on the item below, years ago I went to view an auction in the middle of nowhere and saw it sitting in the corner to be sold with no reserve. I waited 5 days for the auction only to find someone offered the porter £20 for it and he let it go. This was 15 years ago!!! but I cant let it go.

- 11 May 2011

I may have posted this already
My coworker asked me "hey, have you seen this weird chair before" and then she freaked out as I screamed and ran to the phone. Sadly, no response...

- 11 May 2011

That's the first thing I thought when I read that too. I wonder...are there other types of collector/enthusiasts that get off on posting hoax adverts?

- 11 May 2011

Everyone these days
Everyone these days seems to have a 670 671 eames recliner. I missed one last month on Craigslist in Louisiana for $1450. The leather seemed incredible in pictures.

If anyone wants to get rid of one......

gunnerguidry at

- 13 May 2011

I saw this on Ebay shortly af...
I saw this on Ebay shortly after it was listed. It was a $950 Buy It Now, with $150 for shipping. So, $1100. It would have hurt, from a budgetary standpoint, but I guess I could have done it. It sold just a few moments later to someone else, and I see it is now on 1st Dibs, with the same stained upholstery, for $4400.

- 13 May 2011

1st Dibs,
= unrealistic prices.

- 14 May 2011

Set of 3 Arthur Umanoff for...
Set of 3 Arthur Umanoff for Raymor stools in perfect condition for $20 at an estate sale. Didn't feel like getting up extra early yesterday. Snooze you lose.

- 16 May 2011

Charles Hollis Jones Lucite Rocker
Saw it in a CL garage sale ad yesterday. Inquired.
They agreed to let me come buy it early. Owners were clueless.
Price $100.

Set the time for the next morning (today).
Started to have an anxiety attack. Felt really guilty. maybe they really needed the money?

Called them back and told them that their rocker was possibly worth thousands. The owner was stunned. I went to bed.

So now today, I can't figure out if it was noble or stupid.

I can act noble but if it was something that I actually really liked. I would have bought it.

- 16 May 2011

Early edt. of > B. Mathsson...
Early edt. of > B. Mathsson EVA chair > for 5 bugs @ flea...

- 26 May 2011

Flo Knoll
Florence Knoll Marble topped 1 position credenza in teak or walnut on Craigslist. Part of a school liquidation and listed as a "Mid Century File Cabinet". 75$ but I called 24 hours after the posting and it was gone.

- 26 May 2011

...I'm still smarting from missing out on a Ditzel desk on Ebay. It was badly photographed and the owner didn't know what it was. Unfortunately I was too conservative with my bidding and it went to someone else for £500.

Luckily I picked up a Rosewood Diplomat desk not long after, but I still love the Ditzel desk and wish I had won it.

- 10 Jul 2011

I'm in a bit of a bad luck...
I'm in a bit of a bad luck rut right now. Sunday at the flea market started with a vornado desk fan slipping away (I can live with that) and THEN a dining room set of the those iron and wood Pascoe chairs that everyone confuses for Mccobb chairs. 4 chairs and a table for $25! And I needed a dining room set. Sold to the lady right in front of me. That hurt for a while.

And then today, as I was walking into an estate sale, out walked a eames soft pad lounge and ottoman. $150...motherf#$%er :) There better be something REALLY good in my future soon, cause this is a whole lotta misery for one little collector! :)

- 11 Jul 2011

Arne Norell
Arne Norell Ali chair on CL for $400. With the ottoman, but it needed reupholstery and I prefer it in leather, and I don't need another project chair.

*Sigh* but it sure was pretty!

- 16 Jul 2011

My wife owes me
The voice of reason, she is quick with questions like "where will you put it", "when will you sell it" etc.

I passed on a beautiful leather sofa and chair by Sergio Rodriques. I new it was beautiful and the details, down to the wooden pegs, are just beautiful. In my wife's defense, I could not name the artist at the time, and the leather was a bit worn....nonetheless....sigh...

I do recall one Ebay story. It was a marshmallow sofa on ebay. It was listed at $599 buy it now. The person selling it thought it was a "small replica", not realizing of course how small they really are. Also, whomever put it together had mixed up the cushion. I asked for more pics to look at the hardware...within hours it was taken off of ebay...never did get the pics.

- 16 Jul 2011

Made up for it today...
Found a Series 7 for $80. Luckily the wife is out of town...though I don't know how much she would have objected today.

- 20 Jul 2011

5 Thonet Chairs
Almost bought these 5 Thonet Chairs for $180 on CL. They wouldn't look right with my table though. Should I have jumped on these??? I think they are still available.

- 16 Aug 2011

I have been on a "looking...
I have been on a "looking for gems in thrift stores" kick lately. I went to a local one, and brought a picture of a Flos Arco, among other classics. (humoring myself at the thought of ACTUALLY finding something.)

Upon giving it to the employee at the desk, she paused at the picture of the Arco. She told me there was one in the lobby the other day. She sold it to someone for 75 dollars.

Words can't express my reaction.

- 17 Aug 2011

Too Slow
CL - $30 total for four Moeller #75 caned chairs AND round dining table (#52 I think). Too slow.

CL - $800 total for eight Niels Koefoeds ladder back chairs, dining table, and credenza, all rosewood. Too slow again.

- 18 Aug 2011

Yep there is a hoaxer here in Chicago. Last fall it was a papa bear chair, this year just a couple weeks ago a marble topped knoll credenza. Always some vague description like "old chair" and a super low price. If you look up the corresponding piece you always find the exact picture they are using and can then stop wasting your time...

- 20 Sep 2011

I am 99% sure I missed out on a lovely set of Moller Rosewood dining room chairs. I saw, them knew them, but they had not been priced yet and the lady commissioning them still had 2 to deliver. I tried every angle I could think of. Today, they were no longer hidden back in the office. It hurts.

- 20 Sep 2011

4 Pascoe chairs at Savers for $4.99 each!
I knew they would be a squeeze in my small car. I was foolish enough to think I'd find something even better at another store I was planning on going to afterwards. Not so. Upon returning,they were gone.-Aargh!

- 20 Sep 2011

A local dealer I know got eight rosewood Moller chairs at a country auction for a dollar apiece. The woven seats were all completely shot. She didn't know what they were and because of the condition she put them in her shop for $50 each. I had never been in her shop but I drove by it all the time and often thought about going in there. I was even on the lookout at the time for rosewood chairs for my own use. But yet another dealer DID go into the shop and bought them and rewove the seats and sold them for $275 each, which is still not a bad price, I guess. But I'd already bought a set on Ebay by then.

My only consolation is that I never would have gone to that particular country auction in the first place. But dang, I sure wish I'd stopped by her shop in time to get them for $50 each!

- 20 Sep 2011

An update
went to the thrift store

Asked the boss where the chairs were. He was flummoxed, as far as he knew they were still back in the office. Turns out the owners had come in while he was out and took them back. He blames himself in that he gave them the idea that they might be worth something.

Anyway, I told him that when he called them to ask what the deal was that I would make an offer of XXXXX for all 6 and kick in a bit to the store (as it is charity based).

Am kinda relieved that it just wasn't someone else swopping in under my guard.

- 11 Nov 2011

If anyone wants one.....
Instead of drooling over every 670 post on DA, I found a solution. Now we can all have one....

670 for everyone!!!

- 11 Nov 2011

WHite Barcelona CHair
I was at the flea-market last week and there was a white leather Knoll Barcelona chair. I wasn't too sure if it was real but the guy swore up and down it was and wanted $200. Obviously $200 for a Barcelona chair you know is authentic is way too low. I looked at everything about it and kept doubting myself it was real. I got home and did research to see if it was real and sure enough everything about it checked out, the weight, the leather, the markings (no tag).

Going to the flea-market again Sunday early to see if he still has it, as late in the day it was still there and honestly people around here are clueless about MCM. But you go an hour south closer to the city and everything is properly priced.

- 28 Aug 2013

missed this on Craigslist
I saw this ad a day too late....

- 28 Aug 2013

i emailed...
I emailed the seller yesterday and they responded and said "sorry, it sold last night"...

totally bummed...

- 28 Aug 2013

Missed out on this modular se...
Missed out on this modular seating group by Hans Olsen on CL recently. It was $400, not a super steal but a really good price.

- 28 Aug 2013

This happened a couple...
This happened a couple months ago, I saw listing for an Eames Lounge Chair/Ottoman for $900. While I had some suspicion, I called to make arrangement to see it the following day (it's a 2 hour drive). The guy called me the same evening and said it was sold to someone else already. Was I pissed......

- 29 Aug 2013

Arco lamp
If it makes you feel any better there are a lot of cheap Arco knock-offs turning up at second hand stores. The employee probably had a lamp that looked similar but I wouldn't worry too much you missed out on the real deal. (Hell there were even period knock-offs of the Arco) much more common to find the knock-offs than the real deal.

That said, I've got 2 Flos Arco floor lamps which I paid under $90 for each - but that was an estate sale and auction. (At the auction they thought it was a knock-off or reproduction, but upon inspection we found it was the real deal, so we got it dirt cheap). So it can happen, but I'd tell myself it was a cheap Chinese knock-off I missed and sleep better.


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