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Missed!!- A group of George Nelson for Martinsville pieces at thrift store!!

- 28 Mar 2011 -
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The staggered drawer pulls,the inlaid "flower" at each corner.I thought these pieces were somehow noteworthy,but couldn't quite put my finger on it.Yet no other markings,so I passed up a credenza,a hutch,a chest of drawers,all priced at $49-99.00 each.D-oh! Goes to show,knowledge is power.


- 28 Mar 2011

Did Nelson really design...
Did Nelson really design that line for martinsville? I've seen pieces listed as "in the style of nelson" and others described as actually designed by Nelson.
Anyone know for sure?

- 28 Mar 2011

There's no mention of Nelson...
There's no mention of Nelson + Associates doing any designs for American of Martinsville in the Nelson book. They don't even really look like a Nelson design. It's just another one of those things where one deceptive person recently has said it is so everyone else jumps on the internet attribution bandwagon

- 28 Mar 2011

no martinsvill for George N...
no martinsvill for George Nelson ...sorry

- 28 Mar 2011

Okay,cool,I feel better now!
The pieces didn't seem to have the quality of a major designer,but those X-like corner inlays had me thinking.

- 27 May 2011

This attribution has...
This attribution has apparently taken over the internet. It's all over Google and there's multiple eBay sellers now touting these pieces as Nelson as well as on 1stDibs + VandM

- 27 May 2011

everyoneeees listing them as ...
everyoneeees listing them as nelson... :/ I passed on a coffee table for 10 bucks a few weeks ago and I to was thrown off by the inlays! Seemed like a nice table I thought it might have been danish till I got home...Oh well if it was nelson i would be somewhat upset but since its not I can continue living.

- 27 May 2011

I have the credenza/hutch...
I have the credenza/hutch piece from this line right now, and recently sold a coffee table. Although not designed by Nelson, I think the pieces are fairly good looking and seem to be well made. They're certainly solid. I read somewhere that the X-shaped inlays are aluminum. There is also an end table I've seen that's great looking - it's kind of a curved wedge shape. These pieces are usually fairly inexpensive, too, which is nice.

- 27 Jun 2011

Looks correct to me!
Yes,there were inlayed X's like this on the pieces I had seen.

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