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need sconces for mcm home

- 06 Sep 2011 -
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I have searched everywhere for some sconces for the hallway in a mcm home...ylighting, lumens, ebay, mcm stores. Any ideas? Something simple, modern, that doesnt stand out too much. Thank you!


- 06 Sep 2011

Jules Wabbes?
Jules Wabbes?

- 06 Sep 2011

When i was searching a few years ago, and looked through the same
sites and endless e-bay hunts, i posted a few pics of my hallway showing
a few vintage examples that i liked and a solo existing light that seemed
impossible to find another...

Sure enough someone, maybe Jesgord, knew exactly the maker and fixture
and pointed out an e-bay sale for two identical ones. Buy-it-now.

You never know. If you have a style in mind, vintage or modern that you
are leaning towards, it may be easier to help out. For my home i needed
something that was more about the architecture and less about the actual
fixture itself.

I still need a staircase light source but I'm considering adding another
skylight instead.

Lighting a home is an underrated and complicated challenge.

- 06 Sep 2011

If you haven't already, add lightolier to your search. I just checked for an
exterior sconce for my entry garage side door. I just need a simple small
light, not bullet up/down or a globe...just a clean simple down/can-light
and found what i've been looking for.

The original owners that built my home left all the original invoices and
used Lightolier NYC exclusively, and clearly in a hurry as all lighting is on
the same hand written invoice. Light package was not complete. It was
under lit and we found much higher wattage bulbs in every fixture than

- 06 Sep 2011

lightolier - good suggestion and lots of it out there

I just sold some sweet one's. Sorry!

- 07 Sep 2011

I am a Lightolier addict
If I only had a house. I have these sitting on a shelf in my closet. Dont have a pic of mine but these are them on 1stdibs.

- 09 Sep 2011

We just got some of these in.
New old stock, in mint condition still in the box. They are by Litecraft and Gotham lighting.

- 09 Sep 2011

I've had this one for years,...
I've had this one for years, cheap find at a flea market my first year of college. I think they are pretty common and I love the way they look and light up. Ive seen them pop up on eBay and I keep meaning to buy another so I'll have a pair. But most of the ones I see on EBay are other colors, white being the most prevalent.

- 03 Oct 2011

Murano Glass Sconces

Have you considered made to Order Murano Glass wall sconces as an alternative?


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