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Cado Royal brackets.....ply or solid wood?

- 17 Jul 2012 -
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I'm interested in making a CADO style wall unit for my home and wondered if anyone here could answer some questions about its construction.

having only seen pictures, It appears that the uprights are solid wood with roughly 45degree peg holes?

and the boomerang style wooden brackets are either veneered ply or reinforced-joint solid wood....?

any close up pix would be great too.

thanks in advance



- 17 Jul 2012

I can get you some close up...
I can get you some close up pics this weekend if no-one puts some up before that

- 17 Jul 2012

that'd be great

that'd be great

- 17 Jul 2012

I have the Cado shelving system you're referring to...the bracket is solid wood...actually two pieces fitted together to make the vee...I'm guessing joined with dowel pins.

I think if I recall there may be a thread in here somewhere where someone had successfully fabricated the poles...

- 18 Jul 2012

this may be a crazy request,...
this may be a crazy request, but are there any of you located in the southeast (US) that would let me check one of these systems out in person?

I'm located in Birmingham, Alabama.


- 18 Jul 2012

I don't live near Alabama, sorry.
Below link includes a pretty useful photograph of the arms/ rails.

I'd think reproducing the system would be a relatively straightforward task for a competent woodworker-- the really vital detail is that the holes & corresponding pins be at the same angle (yes-- about 45*).

The rails and arms are solid wood (not ply), as Solange said.

Don't forget to include the short peg on each arm that needs to correspond with a shallow hole in undersides of the shelves-- this holds the shelf in place.

I have a royal system, if you tell me what specific measurement or image you want, I can post it within a day or two (complying with your request may require that I dismantle a shelf, which I can't do at the moment).

- 18 Jul 2012

that sounds good William. ...
that sounds good William. I'm in no real rush. we just moved in to another house and I'm in the process as we speak of getting my shop set back up.

the wall unit is one of the first things I want to build once I'm unpacked and have my tools set back up.

again, having not really seen one in person, I basically need stuff like; dimensions of the uprights, spacing on the holes, width of the shelves, rise/run of the Vee brackets (or even a tracing of them!), etc.

and always, pictures of anything is great.

you can email me directly if you'd like. dougdavis08(thats - zero eight) @ gmail

- 07 Aug 2012

can someone reply with the...
can someone reply with the dimensions of the uprights for starters...


- 07 Aug 2012

I may have an off-cut from our project.
Recently did a shop clean-up. The jig is now on a high shelf.
The shelf of foul language. (it was not as easy as it appears)

Another suggestion would be to check e-bay.
I bought new old stock shelf brackets very cheap last year and made the shelves.

the cado units were factory made with precision tooling. You may just want to design a 'similar' unit simplifying the rails and how you attach your brackets.

- 27 Jan 2013

brackets : known and needed measurements
Hello Folks,
I?ve been reading your posts for a little while and found them quite interesting.
I?m in the process of making build my own unit in black locust (aka robinia pseudoacacia) which have the same qualities and density, but, most important aesthetically, the same veining as teak. Basically because I needed to reduce the width, depths and heights of cabinets by 25% to make a 3 columns unit fit on my wall, but keeping other original measurements such as upright and brackets width and shelf height so the whole thing won?t break into pieces within a few weeks

I?ve been gathering a lot of measurements, some seen on flee markets, some guessed from pictures. I don?t know if the thread is still active, but I would need :
- the exact angle of the display shelf brackets.
- the distance between the top of cabinets and the top of the first attachment peg (my guess:3cm)
- the distance between the top of the bracket and the top of the first peg (my guess : 1,5cm)

I?d be happy to share what I know for sure (pegs diameter, pegs holes diameter, horizontal and vertical hole spacing on the uprights), and what I guessed (the 6 necessary angles to draw the brackets) if it can be useful to someone.

Let me know. Best,

- 28 Jan 2013

Measurements : by the way...
I can already give the measurements I know for sure :

Pegs used : 8mm diameter
Pegs holes on the uprights : 9mm
vertical distance between the middle of 2 holes on the upright : 45mm
horizontal distance between the 2 holes on the upright : 9mm
brackets width : 15mm
Guessed angles on the horizontal part of the brackets : 38°/130°/12°
Guessed angles on the vertical part of the brackets : 52°/105°/24°

I hope you folks will be able to help me on the 3 other measurements I need (see previous message)


PS : I also have measurements from mots cabinets, but I assume most of you have them also

- 02 Feb 2013

found the solution
Bought a pair of brackets, and hanged down the lonely cado cabinet I had on another wall (there were metal fastening clips when i bought it. I unscrewed them and found the peg original holes under).

So :
- Distance between the top of cabinets and the center of the first peg hole : 4cm
- Distance between the top of the bracket and and the center of the first peg hole : 2cm
-Angle for the display shelf brackets : 30°

Don't know if it'll help die hard woodworkers and cado fans...

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