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- 29 Jun 2012

5 minutes ago this was a WTF. It's actually grown on me (but only slightly) in the last few minutes.

- 29 Jun 2012

I wonder if it's sturdier than the traditional dowel base. Certainly looks like it should be....

- 29 Jun 2012

Well I hate to mention it, but..
It looks like a cheap-ass base that some horny old dude put together in his garage.

- 29 Jun 2012

"cheap-ass base"!

Ha ha...
"cheap-ass base"!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

- 01 Jul 2012

Is it
attached with suction cups?!

- 01 Jul 2012

My god spanky!!
That was the first complete sentence that I uttered as a small child!

oh the memories.

- 09 Jul 2012

Lovely, woody.
but I would like this treasure much better if there were some large (fake,natch) human fingers, toe's or teeth in with the tender floral arrangement...or perhaps some buzzing, swarming fly's?

just a thought.

- 09 Jul 2012

or maybe a mysterious (yet tasteful) dangling drop cord coming out of the side??


- 09 Jul 2012

I VIVIDLY remember looking a a house in Pa. that I was considering buying (amazing house, completely messed up) and THAT STOOL WAS THERE. I didn't buy the house because the taxes were 5 digits yearly, and that was just property.

- 25 Jul 2012

ZOMG Pegboard
Did you really see that at Target? I don't know why, but I really...really want one.

- 09 Aug 2012

taxidermed squirrel beer.

- 09 Aug 2012

Botchit & Scarper
did this abomination...I even think who ever did this once creosoted my garden fence...It makes me cry...well almost..
it makes Cees Braakman turn in his grave

- 10 Aug 2012

Which came first...
...the jacket or the chair?

- 14 Aug 2012

I purchased a John & Sylvia Reid dining room table with 6 chairs!! for £50 buy it now last night on ebay only for a bitter twisted dry old husk of a dealer to kindly email the seller after auction end and tell them its real worth needless to say they are now not mine.
This made me say WTF as well as a few other hastly choosen words. I think I need a stiff drink..... Mark!

- 15 Aug 2012

Why Arthur, I'd buy you a drink anytime. So sorry about the messy deal. Leave crappy feedback.


- 07 Sep 2012

The best part of that...
The best part of that picture is the imprint of an old Band-Aid on the leg. Pretty much sums it up.

- 15 Sep 2012

Pink Polo hat wearer.
Pink Polo hat wearer.

- 15 Sep 2012

Explanation on WTF (WTF#15738)
I want to know where to get the ,,curatorial,, sense, to understand what to post, and what not on the WTF thread.

Sorry, but I really don,t understand.

I have to confess, that 50% of items are posted, I find them form moderated nice to some that are very interesting.

Is that because I,m more a designer/producer?
Or Because I like everything?
Is because I am on a different continent? (Don't tell me I,m in a diiferent planet!)

Which is the use?
Don't we have pics from ourself?

There was one similar thread some years ago, but just for classics!, was so popular,100 posts in a month, that Koen asked to stop it.

I don,t understand:
Most of the classics that people collect today, regular people from that moment would put it in the WTF: People laughing on barcelonas, I have to look for the pics if you want.

Some threads send the level up. I don't think is the case with this kind of threads.

I really I don't understand:
Last thread I open on the concept Right/left side of the mind, somebody put it in the WTF thread.
I thought was interesting, but I could be wrong.
It dosen,t matter, but I just want to understand the parameters, so to put them directly there ;-)

And with the last pic, -from an old DAmember, on a classic- I understand less. Nobody will be safe ;-)

I suggest to put all the threads on the WTF, or rename the forum WTFforum, or that automatically change the thread number for the WTF number. This is then the number WTF#15738.

I just don,t understand.

ps: Edited from thread to post.

- 15 Sep 2012

Valid observations, Gustavo.
Though you might have just said that the WTF? threads make you say WTF?

- 15 Sep 2012

Oh goodness, gastavo... I hope that you're not upset with me..
for commenting on the dude's tired feet...but he needs an emergency pedicure.



- 17 Sep 2012

those table legs need an emergency pedicure, too!


- 27 Sep 2012

Those are washers from a later upholstered shell, not shock mounts.

- 18 Oct 2012

I'll bet that it smells like a new barbie doll.

- 09 Nov 2012

Artist/explorer of the...
Artist/explorer of the domestic form Meredyth Sparks has donated her 2011 sculpture, Feather-Covered Eames Rocker with La Petite Ferme Cushion, to the benefit auction for The Kitchen. The legendary arts/performance space was heavily damaged last week by Sandy.

Monday, Nov. 26: Feather-Covered Eames Rocker with La Petite Ferme Cushion, Meredyth Sparks, value $12,000; opening bid: $7,000 []


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