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The last thing you acquired #16

- 24 Jul 2012 -
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Juhl/Vodder Judas table and 5 early Eric Buck Chairs. $300 on craigslist. It is tempting to sell it, but I have a feeling it has become part of my permanent collection. On a related but separate note, what ever happened to Niels Vodder?


- 24 Jul 2012

Wow! Congrats-that is an...
Wow! Congrats-that is an amazing score!

- 25 Jul 2012

Beautiful table! I like how you applied a visual patina via Instagram ;-)

- 26 Jul 2012

I picked up a 'Eames' lounge chair today for a six pack of beer and a chocolate bar. Its marked "C.F.A Canada" on the chair, its the same faded color as the link attached, but where the head rest attaches its wood instead of metal, and has a little 'tailbone' that attaches the mid piece to the base. Does anyone have any info on the company or this particular chair?

- 27 Jul 2012

way to go

That is a very nice lamp and the price was right. Way to go.

- 27 Jul 2012

Charlton- I believe so!
after checking out some images of the Chartlon chairs I think thats it, thanks!

The leather isn't great, but since the person wanted to trade for beer I wasn't expecting much :)

- 27 Jul 2012

Craigslist - Ejner Larsen & Axel Bender Madsen for Fritz Hansen
I picked up six #4205 oak armchairs by Ejner Larsen & Axel Bender Madsen for Fritz Hansen. Does anyone know if these are common or rare, I can't find any info where these have been sold before in the US.

- 27 Jul 2012

Fritz Hansen

Have you ever considered asking the source?

REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen
22 Wooster Street
New York, New York 10013

Telephone: 212-219-3226

This is too easy.

- 27 Jul 2012

Who needs an AJ desk lamp when they have a lamp like that. Wow.

- 27 Jul 2012

Amazing French Graphic Design...
Amazing French Graphic Design periodical from 1959
"Esthique Industrielle (Arts Graphiques) No 45.

- 27 Jul 2012

H. Moon
Nice dialogue between your table, lamp, and painting!

Robert gets an honorable mention, too. The mask makes it.

- 27 Jul 2012

I also got some flat work...
I also got some flat work this week. Paintings dated 1963, donated to the Goodwill, where I got them for $3.99 each.

- 27 Jul 2012

Lovely treasures everyone..this is one of my favorite threads.
And if my much anticipated book , by our very own robert'60 would arrive...I'd post it...perhaps this next week it will happen. I will be choosing a special outfit to be photographed reading the book. Probably something simple like what I'm wearing right now. So instead I'll post a pic of the shoes that I picked up at Gucci just after lunch today.

Why not?


- 27 Jul 2012

You're very naughty...

and very sweet.

The orange will look delicious with the pink cover.

Must dash, champagne is chilled and there's some little sporting event on the television..


- 28 Jul 2012

H moon
Identical one was on eBay a while back listed as Stilnovo.

- 31 Jul 2012

a Paul McCombb Planner group desk and a couple of nice Toledo Adjustable chairs.

QUESTION - The desk has replacement knobs. Are there any particularly good sources for replacement knobs?

- 31 Jul 2012

I picked this up last week. Steelcase Soft Seating Lounge Chair

- 31 Jul 2012

Creative Playthings Hobby Horse
Gloria Caranica for Creative Playthings in 1964

- 31 Jul 2012

looks like someone made a...
looks like someone made a modification to your hobby horse. I do not believe that the screw holes and extra piece of wood on the front bottom (foot rest?) are not original.

- 01 Aug 2012

I have an illness
Not sure why I continue to buy stuff I don't need. Some veneer loss on the drawer fronts, otherwise looks great.

- 01 Aug 2012

I'm with ya

It's a tough monkey to shake

- 01 Aug 2012

Know if that is a Wegner piece? Drawer pulls differ from the ones I see in this vintage add. I gave it a quick once over and there were no stamps of any kind. Luckily I have parents who understand my "illness" and therefore are always on standbye to pick up my finds while I am at work.

- 01 Aug 2012

hobby horse
your right Jesgord...I didn't notice that. its a good project for the right person as I bought it at a flee market with the intent to resell it.

- 01 Aug 2012

I remember seeing period advertising for that Wegner piece (can't recall where at the moment) that showed many variations of drawers, doors etc. I am sure yours is what it is. Any further thoughts on my response to my Italian floor light query?

- 01 Aug 2012

Your piece is definately a We...
Your piece is definitely a Wegner RY-20. I have only seen the pulls like yours on the examples made of oak in the past.

- 02 Aug 2012

Great Jim!
These legs always remind me a bit of the Willy Van Der Meeren cabinets.
You've got a great collection going on there..

Just back from a vacation in France, we went down left of paris, to Nantes, Bordeaux, the Atlantique, made a large turn and went up the right side of Paris.
While there in the Berry region we passed a barn filled with 'brocante'. All good stuff, but a bit tatty (is that the word?) and exept some art deco ceramics all from well before 1900's.
Still I was able to find a pristine holmegaard klukkluk bottle in a subtile smokey grey, I paid 8 euro.
It was unmarked and when in a neighbouring village I saw in a shop a second example but in clear glass I began to doubt the brand or make..But back home I could easily confirm.
(the other one was priced way higher, both were unidentified).

- 02 Aug 2012

I nominate you for a slot in the Design Addict Comedy Talent Show 2012, if and when it takes place. (And I nominate Mark for host, but only if he wears a different outfit for each introduction.)

- 09 Aug 2012

these two dux galaxy chairs
but they were well camouflaged...

- 09 Aug 2012

Eames Aluminum Group
picked this up from craigslist for 250. good buy?

- 09 Aug 2012

250's a decent price.
Especially if a) the arms fit under your desk without scraping, and b) they fit under the previous owners' desks without scraping.

- 09 Aug 2012

yeah i saw it and was excited. I'm only 19 so my budget is low. It is for my studio at school. either way I'm bike locking it to the desk when I leave after class. if they want to steal it they will have to work for it to steal it.

- 09 Aug 2012

Pierre Cardin Cocktail Table
I picked this up about 3 months ago or so, but I didn't do restoration on it due to the effort involved in it...then finally gave in two weeks ago and did the hard yards, though I couldn't do it all myself.

It looks the goods now, though it is a piece that looks larger in person than what you may think a 4' x 4' table is.

The restoration cost a great deal more than what we paid for it, that's for sure.

- 09 Aug 2012

great work
and a very nice table, tinyarmada. may we see a before photo?

- 09 Aug 2012

A before shot
Hello Claus,

Here are a few pics before the restoration. Not the bets photos unless you can view the full-size versions to get close-ups.

The differences are really in the base having the chips corrected, and the side trim being polished to remove the scratches - as with the ice bucket. There were also corner brackets that were previously upon the corners to prevent damage by the previous owner that were removed, too - they were not original.

I saw one table like this at an auction in Florida and I had some close-ups taken of the table - the damage can be hidden by photography and it was really in quite poor shape - but still a lovely table.

The top had the scratches removed - fortunately the top was made from a solid color 1/8th inch laminate with makes correction possible.

The combined length of all the aluminum was near 55 or so feet, so it took a great deal of time - and I had to get someone who knew aluminum also.

I had several credenzas along with other items that I have personally restored, and this piece took the longest time of any to do so - but the result is pretty spectacular.

- 20 Aug 2012

Fine art
Mentioned this in another thread.

Alan Munro is the artist, the OTHER Alan Munro. He was a fine art professor @ Oregon State for about 30 years. He mostly seems to have been an academic, rather than commercial artist. Very few of his pieces seem to have sold.

I have been meaning to paint the living room (never liked the mud brown from the previous owner). This picture is forcing my hand.

- 20 Aug 2012

Craziest treasure hunting day ever!
First we went to a yard sale and got a danish teak sideboard, a danish style lounge recliner, a small Rya rug, A set of Vera Neumann dishes, a set of Heller dishes, and a set of Russell Wright dishes, There was some other fun odds and ends there too. Then We hit a couple thrifts got some tiki art and then met with a guy who was purging some things from his house. We got a Laurel mushroom floor lamp, 4 Eames DCM chairs, A Lawrence Peabody chair, A huge Rya rug, four amazing pieces of Mccobb planner group, A Kofod Larsen chair for Selig, and a Bruno Mathsson strap chair.

- 20 Aug 2012

and then
I woke up


that is surreal

- 20 Aug 2012


- 21 Aug 2012

I will need to
go along on your next yard sale adventure


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