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Revolt chair spare parts

- 14 Nov 2012 -
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I'm looking for spare parts for the Friso Kramer Revolt chair made by Ahrend. I'm specially looking after the bolts (rivets) which are holding both seat and back rests and the metal clips at the back (seen on one of the pictures on the included webpage)

Does anyone know where to find them?

Thank you very much


- 14 Nov 2012

can be found in your local hardware store.

good luck with the chairs!

- 14 Nov 2012

a bolt is not a rivet - if it needs rivetting you will need rivets of the right size and a riveter

- 15 Nov 2012

Thanks for the replies, I...
Thanks for the replies, I will definately go and have a look in the hardware store to see if they have got those rivets. I hope they still make these things because the chairs are quite old ('63), and I would like to use the same hardware as original.

Tom Ado: The current re-issues use different hardware, as they are not visible anymore from the front of the chair. But I will contact them anyway and try to see if they have some old stock.

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