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Moller Chair model 71 authenticity check/copy/replica???

- 05 Dec 2012 -
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I have recently purchased 4 x N.O.Moller dining chairs they look alike model 71 but except cord they have a leather/faux leather seat ,cant tell as i am not expert,but mu concern is that they dont have any moller/made in denmark stamp,none of them which seems odd.Only stamp that i was able to find on some of them is strange number that means nothing to me .something like 77X099 and nothing else.Dimensions kinda match an original ones.Could this be a copy/replica?does anyone come across something like this?if they replica are they worth price i paid 380 euro (chairs plus shipping) i can still return them as i bought them on ebay.Any help or advice very welcome.


- 05 Dec 2012

I don't think Mollers were ever faked.
Or better said, copied.
Leather or fabric upholstery has always been an option.
In the inside this was very immaculately finished with
a strip of tape (black textile tape), tucking away the cut material and tacks.
On top of this there would have been a sticker/label, wich
obviously could fall off, but this would surprise me if all chairs are missing these or don't show any residue of this rounded rectangular label.
If your's are more sloppy, I would suspect these have been
redone (wich suprises me, at the state they're in).
The fabric couldn't obscure a stamp in the frame?

- 05 Dec 2012

there are company selling replica
they definitely have been redone in terms of leather i can tell that by looking at the way this leather been cut ( not straight line ,far from perfect cut that you would expect from Moller ) .there is no sign of sticker/metal badge falling off or faded ink sign .nothing like that .Also there is a company in australia that produce replica for example

and to answer your question no possible that leather obscuring frame .

- 05 Dec 2012

I have reupholstered some Møllers with leather seats and I think they had frame seats with webbing, not a plywood seat like yours. A plywood seat is quicker and therefore cheaper to produce than webbing. Better quality chairs have webbing because it's more comfortable. I would guess that your chairs are reproductions.

Boy, that Matt Blatt place is knocking off all KINDS of stuff. I guess they can get away with it because the cost of prosecuting internationally is prohibitive. Kinda makes me ill, though. Jeez.

- 05 Dec 2012

the chairs
you have are fine and made by møller. i have worked on many of these both with and without marks but have often seen the 77x990 stamp inside the rail.

the plywood may simply have been added by an upholsterer instead of the webbing upon the request of the client. if a firmer seat was required it was a quick method to do this.

- 05 Dec 2012

Simon, Danish-homestore (UK)
so what you saying Simon is that they are Authentic Moller 71 chairs? then what is that they dont have original stamp and what is this 77x990?

- 06 Dec 2012

mixed opinion
yes so i had little response from different people and mixed feeling about this.Its kinda hard to believe that someone might replicated such a piece of furniture ,but then again everything is possible.Is it not?

- 06 Dec 2012

Look at the
Chair leather.
Nicely worn and with patina.
Tacked onto the frame instead of using staples.

The wood is scratched and marked from use.

Have a good look inside and under the seat. You may be able to find the cutout where the disc should have been seated.
Old chair glue often gives up and they simply fall out.

What the 77x990 signifies i dont know.

I will see if i can find the marks on my chair and post a picture.

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